The Joy of Painting

Although I’ve seen many references and clips of his videos, I have never actually watched a full Bob Ross video. I was assigned Season 24 Episode 7: Back Country Path, and I really enjoyed it. I already love painting, so I really enjoyed watching him, but I wasn’t expecting to care quite as much as I did about what he was saying. He did a really good job at explaining what he was doing in an enjoyable and easy to follow manner; he gave uncomplicated, calming, and creative instructions. His videos are perfect examples of captivating storytelling.


“Quiet little bushes. Shhh.”

“Happy little things that live way back in the background.”

“They’re [the trees] are very special. Take care of those. . . they’re just having a good time here.”

Bob Ross personified all the elements of his painting which caused me to feel more involved in what he was saying. He used unique descriptions for everything, typically by assigning emotions or actions to them. His adjectives were engaging yet simple enough that I understood what he was trying to say, and I think his creative personification engaged more people who don’t usually care about painting.


“His brother’s name is Jim. I met him one time. No, that’s my brother’s name. I’m sorry.”

This quote is from the story he made up of a rabbit that was going to go along the path he was painting. The rabbit wanted to go along the path to see his brother who lived around the corner, which he explained before he made the joke regarding his own brother. This quick story brought the elements of his painting to life once again and added in a little bit of humor to recapture the audience members’ attention.

“It’s addictive. You will fall in love with them, but it’s worth it.”

Towards the end of the video, he discusses Peapod the pocket squirrel that he raised and released. He spoke directly to the audience, explaining how people can get involved in the care of animals who need it. He also included pictures and media, which provided a different form of media to show the things he was saying.

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