Week 1 Summary

During this week’s “bootcamp”, we had to set up a blog, create various social media accounts, post introductions, reflect on The Joy of Painting by Bob Ross, and set goals for the course. When I saw all the assignments at the beginning of the week, I got very worried about the workload for this course, but I was able to split it up relatively evenly between days, with consideration for my other classes. I definitely feel much more confident in my ability to succeed in this course than I did at the beginning of the week, especially because I really enjoyed most of the work I had to do.


The first thing I did this week was create this subdomain. I wanted to get started with a little bit of personalization for this domain, so I created a logo on Canva that appears on this site and my other social media sites.

Course logo- created on Canva

I also set up accounts on Twitter, Flickr, and Soundcloud. They were all super easy to set up, but I’ve never used any of them before, so I looked around the websites a lot to get more familiar with them. I feel like I understand how to use them, but I definitely will be able to learn a lot more about them in the coming weeks of this course. I already had a YouTube channel, so I just linked this and my other accounts onto the Social Media page on this blog.


All of my introductory posts are embedded in my About Me post. I posted on each of the social media posts and tried to introduce something different about myself, spanning from wishing my classmates a happy first week to posting videos of my dog. All of these posts were my first time using each of these accounts but YouTube, so it took a little bit of time to figure them out, but overall they were not difficult to use at all.

I recorded this audio on Soundtrap and uploaded the mp3 file to Soundcloud.
Bell Tower
I edited several video clips together on iMovie and put in audio from BenSounds, a royalty free music website.

The Joy of ds106

I was assigned to watch this Bob Ross episode and reflect on it. I really enjoyed this process, not only because I loved his video, but because I found it interesting when I put it in the perspective of the storytelling I will be doing in this class. My reflection can be found on this blog.

Course Goals

Lastly, I created a blog post where I outlined several goals for this course and explained what I hope to get out of it.

Final Reflection

My favorite assignment this week was “The joy of ds106”. I really enjoyed watching his video, as it was very calming and fun to watch. Further, I enjoyed reflecting on his storytelling as it helps me see what I should aim for as I move forward in this class. While I didn’t find any assignments challenging, it was a bit tedious to set up several different accounts in one day and try to briefly learn how to use them.

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