A Tale as Old as Time

For my first assignment of the week, I chose to do the Guess the Story Web Assignment. Guess the popular movie based off the following GIFs!

I hope that the movie got a little more obvious the more GIFs you looked at, but if you still don’t get it, the title of this blog post is an extra hint!

The movie is…


Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!

What do the GIFs Mean?

I knew immediately when I saw this prompt that I wanted to do one of Disney’s classic fairytale/princess movies. Like many, I grew up watching Disney movies. I never stopped loving them, nor do I think I ever will, and they still bring me a lot of joy, which I thought was fitting for our course theme. I also thought most people would be able to understand the GIFs for a story as popular as any of the Disney classics. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast, but I was able to think of more creative hints for this movie.

So, what do the GIFs mean?

The first GIF represents the mirror that Belle used to look at her Father and that the villagers later used to look at the Beast. The second and third GIFs represent characters: Mrs. Potts, Chip (the teacups), and Lumiere (the candelabra). The fourth GIF illustrates Belle’s love for reading that causes her to stand out. Lastly, the GIF that I think is the most clear indicator, is the rose that shows how much time the Beast has to find someone who will fall in love with him.

I was surprised at how many GIFs have been made from the movie, but I think it is neat that people are able to take clips and pictures from a movie and adapt them to a GIF format. This was a rather easy assignment, as I just had to look on GIPHY, download the .gif files, and upload them on a Gallery block in WordPress. I also really enjoyed this assignment. It was actually very fun to search up GIFs, and I think it helped me get more familiar with uploading files onto WordPress, which I sometimes have trouble with.

Did you guess it correctly?

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  1. Amy

    I knew what movie it was just by reading the title, which is what brought me here! I love the choice of GIF’s you used, they each show distinct parts of the movie, but they all have different themes. I also love the way you arranged them in your post.

  2. Cece

    I love this story web! I guessed it after a little bit of looking at it but I love how you incorporated the main part of the movie by using gifs, that just by looking at them for a little, have nothing in common! I also really like your website and how it is designed!

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