Artistic Thoughts

I am a silent artist; the kind who will draw and paint but not speak or sing. I’ve never considered myself an “artist”, just someone who enjoyed art classes her whole life. I am definitely not a musician, or an actress, or a dancer, but I have never thought much about the other forms of art.

I have always viewed my writing style as more of an academic form than an art form. I’ve never really been interested in creative writing, so most of the writing I have done has been for essays. This class will probably help me break away from the to-the-point writing I have been taught for so long, and hopefully help my writing become an art form of its own.

I also never thought much about the countless forms of digital art. In some of the art classes I took in high school, a few of my classmates would make digital drawings, but I never did this, so I never considered myself a digital artist. I didn’t even consider the other forms of digital art, like photography, video editing, audio editing, and various other forms of media created digitally. Though I still don’t have experience with digital drawing, I do have some experience with the other forms of digital art now, so I would consider myself a digital artist in progress.

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  1. Zoe

    I agree that when I think of art I tend to think of a very small amount of people being artists and often forget that there are more types of art out there. And good luck with working on your writing style!

  2. Bird Hanning

    I really love how you say you would consider yourself a “digital artist in progress”. That is such a cool way to describe it, and something I can relate very much to! I also love how well set up your blog is, it’s so nice!

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