The Joy of Contradiction

The second assignment I chose to do for this week was the Contradiction Creation Design Assignment. I have always found motivational posters kind of cheesy, so I jumped at the opportunity to make a poster that was intentionally comical.

I decided to use the course theme of joy for my quote, and I was able to find an Adobe Stock Image on Adobe Creative Cloud Express of a young girl crying. The image is actually very sad on its own, but when combined with a quote about joy I found online, it makes a perfect parody of unintentionally cheesy posters. I made this poster on Adobe Creative Cloud Express by editing the stock image slightly, copying it several times, and creating a collage out of the images. I then found a cheerful font and color to put the quote in.

This process was fairly easy, but rather enjoyable. I obviously did not like the picture on its own, but it was interesting to see how easily I was able to change the mood. The picture is sad, while the quote is uplifting, creating a poster that is very contradictory; the only way I can describe it is silly. By combining such shockingly different elements, I created something that I hope makes people have a double take, or at the very least, chuckle a little bit.

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